Governor Prence Inn
66 Route 6A
Orleans, Cape Cod

Open mid May through Columbus Weekend

Our hotels are on the Cape Cod Bike Trail, near the Cape Cod National Seashore, Nauset Beach, Skaket Beach, Orleans MA Restaurants, shops and all Cape Cod Attractions.

Orleans and Cape Cod Attractions

Orleans is located at the point of Cape Cod often referred to as the elbow since this is where the peninsula takes a 90 degree turn to the North. Orleans offers easy access to both Mid-Cape and Outer Cape towns. One of the most scenic drives on Cape Cod is between Chatham and Orleans on Route 28, a winding stretch of road filled with beautiful vistas of Pleasant Bay. Orleans is known as the hub of the Lower Cape because it connects the major roads going in each direction. It's just a nice little downtown, you think, and then you realize it's got everything you could need. The town has other attracape cod cranberry bog toursctions as well, namely gorgeous Nauset Beach on the ocean side, and on the bay side, Rock Harbor, home base to a fleet of charter fishing boats. Today, Orleans is noted for its beaches and harbors. Nauset Beach is one of rock harbor orleansthe Cape Cod's finest. It is wide, flat and ten miles long. A special section is reserved for surfing. Skaket Beach on Cape Cod Bay has less surf but warmer water for swimming. Just off Route 6A, Fort Point offers magnificent views of the surrounding marshlands and has walking trails down to Nauset Marsh

Nauset Beach - From the crashing chilly waves to the soft sandy white beach, Nauset is one the finest beaches on the east coast of the United States. A day at Nauset Beach can make a Cape Codder out of anyone. One is easily caught in its rapture by the colossal view of the Atlantic, the warm sand and the soft chirping of seagulls. The beach stretches for miles and one can always find a piece of beach all to themselves. A paradise for sunbathing, surfing, and people watching. Traveling towards Provincetown take a right onto Main Street off of Route 28 and follow the signs.

Skaket Beach / Rock Harbor - Calm waters and warm winds make Skaket Beach the gentle side of Orleans located on Cape Cod Bay. Sunsets throwing unbelievable colors across the sky attracts locals and visitors year-round to Skaket. The beach is a good size and allows for long walks on the flats at low tide enabling one to walk for a long periodof time in knee high water on some days. Adjacent to Skaket Beach is Rock Harbor where many different sizes of boats are scattered among the moorings of the granite dock. Located at the end of Rock Harbor Road off of Route 6A.

Academy Playhouse - This 123-year-old house showcases some of the youngest and fastest blooming talents on Cape Cod. Originally built as the a Town Hall in 1873, The building is now owned and operated by The Academy of Performing Arts, Inc. Through out the summer months and occasionally in the winter, musicals and comedies are produced and performed inside. Productions such as Evita, The Nutcracker, Death of a Salesman and many others have had long-time runs at the Academy Playhouse. Located on Main Street in East Orleans.

Eldridge Park - The park is a picture of how baseball used to be – the green grass, the bronze clay diamond, and excitable fans. Sports Illustrated Magazine calls Eldridge Park one of the most beautiful amateur baseball parks in the world. Dozens of current Major League Baseball players once trotted around the base paths here including American League MVP Mo Vaughn. When there isn't a ball game in progress one can always catch a concert on stage behind the right field fence. Every year on Labor Day Weekend, Eldridge holds the concert of the year on Cape Cod called "Pops in the Park." Located on Route 28.

French Cable Museum - From just before the turn of the century until 1940, the Museum served as a cable terminus transmitting international news to Brest, France. The building now holds antique instruments that used to send messages across the Atlantic more than 50 years ago. The Museum also contains some new exhibits from the French Cable Company located in New York City. The Museum is located on Cove Road off of Route 28.

Old Cemetery - This cemetery located on the corner of Main Street and Route 6A contains plots from the first settlers of Orleans in the 1700's. One may recognize some old-time Cape Cod names in the small bush-filled lot.

Town Cove - A literal hidden treasure of the town. The Town Cove is tranquil and harbors more than 100 vessels at different points through out the year. A beautiful sight to behold, however, the Cove is surrounded by affluent households, yacht clubs, and hotels. The Cove runs along part of Route 28.

Elementary School Playground - It's time that the secret is shared. The playground completely constructed out of beautiful pressure treated wood allows for a fantastic time for people from 2 to 72. The playground has marvelous swing sets, slides, alcoves for hide and seek and many other attributes. The playground is located behind the Elementary School on Eldridge Parkway off of Route 28 or off of Route 6A.